Audit Your Kitchen Feng Shui Now

Audit Your Kitchen Feng Shui Now

If you are still unaware of what Feng Shui is, let us make it clear in short. It is the positive energy flowing into or out of our homes and is essent

If you are still unaware of what Feng Shui is, let us make it clear in short. It is the positive energy flowing into or out of our homes and is essential for driving our lives and maintaining harmony and good health. So, how to ensure this Feng Shui in your home? Well, it may be not possible to be perfect from each and every corner. But we can concentrate on the major areas of our sanctuaries so that at least the maximum Feng Shui is guaranteed for a better living.

So, what are those areas of paramount importance?

  1. Main door/ entrance
  2. Kitchen
  3. Bedroom

While the main entrance of a house is the key for drawing in all the positivity apart from the hosts and the guests, it is also the key source for Feng Shui.

The kitchen is where the members of the house depend on for their healthy living.

The bedroom is the place where the homeowner spends the resting phase of his life which in turn affects the health.

So today, let us give you a chance to verify your Kitchen Feng Shui and ensure its proper entry and flow.

The kitchen is the place where the fire element resides – stove. It acts in both ways.  It helps serve food to the whole family and also can show negative energy if misplaced or misused.

Bedroom and Kitchen should never meet

Ensure your master bedroom’s door is not facing the kitchen door as it can fuel the tempered nature in the homeowner and can lead to disputes.

Never place a washroom in the kitchen way

It indeed brings on bad luck and shows a negative effect on the health of the owner to have the entrance of the bathroom before you enter a kitchen.

No unevenness in flooring

Some homeowners show interest in having elevated kitchens (kitchen flooring above the living room’s) or may have kitchen constructed in the above floor (in case of duplex homes) which is what not needed. The Feng Shui logic behind this belief is that while serving or offering the food to the members, the female owner of the house should not STEP DOWN which indirectly means declining the prosperity.

Avoid element conflict

Never face the water (fridge/bathroom/wash area / wash basin) element opposite to the fire element (Stove / kitchen)  as this could in turn result in the conflict between the two leading to disputes in family or health ailments.

Say a big NO to Open Concept Kitchens

Though the idea of having Open Kitchens sounds quite high-class and interesting, experts of Feng Shui will not nod their heads for a YES. Having open kitchens means the energy flowing easily which could lead to opposite element clashes. The aroma of the food being prepared in the kitchen should be within the house and the walls and so is the Feng Shui.

These are the basic Kitchen Feng Shui rules to embrace and rely on for a healthy living.