Good Vaastu for Bedroom

Good Vaastu for Bedroom

Having a high-class home is one’s pride, no doubt in it. Whereas, a luxe home with appropriate Vaastu is equally essential and a prerequisite for one

Having a high-class home is one’s pride, no doubt in it. Whereas, a luxe home with appropriate Vaastu is equally essential and a prerequisite for one to claim harmony, health and wealth for his family. While many of the homeowners concentrate on the overall home’s Vaastu, few may ignore the fact of having a perfect Vaastu for the complete asset and focus only on major rooms and main entrance. But the fact is that a family’s harmony and the relations among the members stay intact and healthy only with the implementation of right Vaastu and flawless placement of furniture in the master/main bedroom.

Yes, when it comes to Vaastu it is the bedroom that should be given paramount importance as it is one among the predominant areas of a sanctuary which if neglected to assign proper placement, can bring on only troubles and negative energy to the members of the home.

So here, the below package of Vaastu tips and directions would come to your rescue for welcoming positive vibes into your home.

East and South can do the best

The foremost thing to be considered for the bedroom is the placement of the bed and the head positioning. Keep your bed’s head facing either east or south and also, lie in the same direction. This bestows a peaceful night for you without disturbances and bad dreams.

Shape of bed

Never get carried away by a film song and get yourself a luxe oval or round bed. It may not cost you a bomb but could cost you your peace. Your bed should always be a four edged one with equal finishing.

No north-east

The placement of the master bedroom should always be in the south-west direction of a home which offers harmony. Any bedroom in the north-east of your home will cause unhappiness as the place is reserved for deities and you should have your worship room in this direction.

South-west for heavy wardrobes

Place your heavy wardrobes or almirahs towards the south-west of your master bedroom and nothing else. Keep in mind that this direction of your master bedroom should never be left empty and should be filled with weights. So, plan your furniture or interiors accordingly.

Beware of paintings

Many of us crave for having some antique wall paintings hanged on the bedroom walls as we feel they symbolize uniqueness and reflect class. But having paintings or sketches of sad faces, weeping people on the walls of master bedrooms is an act of inviting quarrels.

Mirrors and mistakes

Getting some huge and antique mirrors into your bedrooms is not a bad idea. But misplacing them could cost you big. Always avoid placing mirrors opposite to your bed as you should not see the reflection of you lying down on a bed.

Similarly, there are other trivial tips to follow:

Don’t have broken pieces of glass items stored in your bedroom.

Also, stay clear of the clutter.

Avoid dust and spider webs under the bed and cupboards.

Check your chandelier for any broken parts or clutter.

Feed these bedroom Vaastu hacks in mind before you settle down in your dream home. After all, having a peaceful life is more wanted than a luxe villa with no or poor Vaastu.