How will Real Estate Investment be the next big thing in India?

How will Real Estate Investment be the next big thing in India?

Real estate is a big thing that you need to be considerate towards. People are considerate towards real estate investment due to the rapid growth of t

Real estate is a big thing that you need to be considerate towards. People are considerate towards real estate investment due to the rapid growth of the sector. Big investors are lining themselves to invest in India. The Israeli investors are approaching Indian companies for big investments, and different media reports are showing this recently. 

However, not many people are aware of the future of real estate investment in Indian. We are here providing a guide that bow real estate investment will be the next big thing in the Indian economy; for more details, hang in a little longer. 

The growth of the real estate sector in India!

When talking about one of the globally established and rapidly growing industry, one cannot miss out on the real estate. Real estate can be categorized into four categories that are retail, hospitality, housing, and commercial. With the skyrocketing corporate industry, real estate is also touching higher peaks. The growth of the real estate sector in India is tremendous, and a pivotal role is played by NRI investment for short term as well as long term basis. 

Big cities like Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Goa, Delhi, and Dehradun are some of the majorly captivating cities for NRI investment. It is expected that by 2040 real estate will grow to 65000crore INR from 12000crore inr reported in 2019. A bigger part of the GDP may be contributed by real estate with its growing pace surely. India is known as the fastest developing economy, and real estate plays a crucial role in doing so as hospitality and commercial real estate are adding to the development. With development, people are getting their needs to fulfill significantly. In the span of one the year 2017 to 2018, rapid growth of 19.5% cagr was observed in the real estate industry in India. 

Real estate investment- a new big thing in India!

A significant increase has been observed in India, seeing the great opportunities since the significant investments have been made. The rising demand for residential areas, as well as office spaces, is providing bigger opportunities for the state to expand. A huge investment of INR 43.780 crore was made in the Indian real estate industry. The retail segment also witnessed pe investment worth USD 1 billion last year. By the March 2020 quarter, USD 712 million investment for institutions was also registered. 

In addition, advanced technologies are making it better for the real estate market to expand. People are focusing on smart homes where real estate has a pivotal role to play. Digital real estate spaces are gravitating larger investments towards them. The skyrocketing value of the property stands out as the main reason why people are accepting real estate as the new big thing in the market place. The increasing digitalization is assisting homeowners in grabbing the best price by comparing different offers and evaluating the value of their property. Smart homes are becoming the reason for the increasing popularity of the real estate market from saving time, increasing efficiency, and reduced labor. The worth of automated property is great; that’s the reason why people are so curious about the purchase and sale of the house property. 

The need for better services in the real estate market is certain to attain the most benefit of facilities related to safety and security in difficult times. Lastly, covid make it pretty much obvious why good apartments are necessary, so surely more housing investments are expected to make real estate investment a big thing in India. 

The final verdict

The details stated above make it clear that real estate is the new big thing in India. India is developing a country and assisting people in having the most benefit surely from it. The increasing need for residential areas and office places is increasing the real estate market considerably. Besides, properties have higher rates than what makes most people invest in it. The increasing value of the property is helpful for house owners to make the most profit from it. Lastly, seeing the NRI investment in India, the real estate industry is surely increasing to expand. We hope the details stated above make sense in understanding how real estate is the new big thing in India. 


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