Why should you consider investing in a new plot during Dussehra?

Why should you consider investing in a new plot during Dussehra?


As Dussehra is just around the corner, you would be wondering whether you should invest in something new or buy gold. Well, you should consider investing in properties or buying new plots this festive season because they offer an excellent investment return. Indians celebrate all the festivals with great joy and enthusiasm, and one such festival is Vijayadashami which signifies the victory of good over evil. Even though the festival is celebrated in different ways in different states, the day’s importance is an ending. You can start celebrating with your loved ones by bringing some sweets and peace, but this festival also encourages real estate property purchases and investment in new business merchandise. Purchases on prosperous days like Vijayadashami uplift the buyer’s faith, and it is believed that when you buy property on this positive daily return on investment. You can start with a new task on a festive day, improving the chance of success and property.

Vijayadashami is observed across different parts of the country, including Durga’s victory over mahishasur the Buffalo daman and dramas victory over Ravana, the ten-headed demon king, and the Arjun as a triumph over the Kaurav army. The epic historical stories prove that this day of Vijayadashami is set to bring Vijaya means victory. It is also said that several people wait for the arrival of this fest to start a new venture or make an investment. Every year there is also an increase in property bookings at the time of  Dusshera, especially in India. 

One reason you should consider investing in a new plot is that this is the time of new beginnings. 

  • Long-term investments on an auspicious day anticipate prosperity growth.
  • Different projects and businesses are launched on this day.
  • Special offers and discounts are also given to attract property buyers.
  • Vijayadashami, per the Hindu calendar, is the very few auspicious days to start suitable activities.
  • Real estate is one of the most profitable investments that promises good growth and leads to prosperity.

Furthermore, you need to know that some sentiments are attached to the positivity linked with purchasing Vijayadashami. The festival fulfills the dream of home buyers every year. We hope that you also get the joy of having a perfect home at a cost-effective rate this year.

A perfect time to buy

Vijaya Dashami is an excellent time to buy property because it is highly encouraging. Everything has been planned and organized to take advantage of the season entirely. The buyer mentality is to purchase the thing instead of just considering that option.

Financial stability

Most of the population’s working experts received the mid-term evaluation and Diwali bonus this year. Investing becomes quite simple, especially in real estate, when you have financial stability.

Good offers

As Indian builders and developers anticipate making the most of this holiday time, they are more than prepared to offer promotions, text discounts, and others to entice buyers.

New projects are launched. 

Homebuyers are pretty interested in buying plots as the holiday season is a time that is quite significant in our culture developers constantly look forward to launching new initiatives during this time of the year.

Minimum rate

The only reason you can benefit from the reduced pricing during Vijayadashami as it is the most fantastic time of the year to invest in new plots. During the holiday season, exclusive offers are available, and you should not even think twice before negotiating a price that suits your budget. The most extraordinary moment to haggle and obtain the best offers from the seller is currently.

Hence Vijayadashami is one of the best times to invest in new plots as you can take advantage of the low prices offered.























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