Is it a good time to buy plots in Sadasivapet, Shadhnagar, Yadadri

Is it a good time to buy plots in Sadasivapet, Shadhnagar, Yadadri


For the past few years, the real estate in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas have tremendously increased. With the heavy floating of customers, real estate and construction companies are competing to provide the best plots with all the amenities. If you are looking for plots surrounding areas like Sadasivapet, Shadnagar, and Yadadri, this article will give you more insights. In this article, we will answer whether it is a good time to buy plots in Sadasivpet, Shadnagar, and Yadadri. 

Before we begin, as an aspirant who wishes to invest, you should understand that there is no right time to buy the plots as the real estate market is in full swing now. However, you should focus on where you want to buy the plots and their benefits in different localities, such as Sadavasivapet, Shadnagar, and Yadadri. 

Why should you buy a plot in Sadasivapet?

If you are looking forward to buying a plot in Sadasivapet, BBG group helps you with the best deals to buy plots, and we recommend Sadasivapet for your investments. Let us see what made Sadasivapet so special about investing the real estate.

  • Sadasivapet is known as the industrial corridor, which has more opportunities for development in the future.
  • It is along the Mumbai-Hyderabad highway.
  • It is one of the rapidly growing residential places in west Hyderabad.
  • The area has high scope for the development of infrastructure development projects.
  • Schools, colleges, educational institutions, and multi-specialty hospitals make Sadasivapet the main hub for real estate.

Locations near Sadasivapet:

Let us know the locations which are in close proximity to Sadasivapet.

  • Fifteen minutes to Sangareddy and Medak Headquarters.
  • Fifteen minutes from Sadasivpet and next to Budhera village
  • Twenty minutes to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad.
  • Central Govt. proposed the NIMZ project (National Investments for Manufacturing Zones) on 13000 Acres near Zaheerabad.
  • Thirty minutes to Microsoft, ISB, Infosys, and TCS.
  • Very near Pepsi co., Aurobindo Pharma, KIRBY, Toshiba, Pebs Pennar, etc.
  • 10 min drive from ORR.
  • 30 km from Zaheerabad
  • Near Wharton School of Business

Why should you buy a plot in Shadnagar?

Let us know why Shadnagar is an ideal location to make your investments in real estate. If you are looking for plots near Shadnagar, BBG will help you buy the plot lands of your choice.

  • Shadnagar is one of the rapidly growing towns near Hyderabad.
  • It is close to the regional ring road, Rameshwaram temple, and just a 10-minute drive to Bangalore highway.
  • It is close to the Zoological Park, farmhouses of film celebrities, and international schools.
  • It is one of the nearest locations to many companies.
  • It is connected with Bangalore Highway NH 44 and close to the international airport.
  • It is close to schools, colleges, educational institutions, and multi-specialty hospitals. 

Locations near Shadnagar:

  • Close to Hyderabad -Bangalore National Highway
  • Nearby NRSC (National remote sensing center)
  • 30 mins drive from Rajiv Gandhi international airport
  • Close to MN labs, LV PRASAD, NATCO JOHNSON & JOHNSON, Symbiosis University, DLF Project
  • Nearby proposed Amazon logistic hub, TATA university of social science, zoological park (850 Acres) ASIA’S biggest Amusement Park satellite township

Why should you buy a plot in Yadadri?

Let us see what makes Yadadri a hot favorite for real estate investors.

  • Yadadri, also called Yadagirigutta, has a high scope of social and infrastructural development in the future.
  • It is very close to places such as Raigiri, Aler, Wangapalli, and Bhuvanagiri.
  • It is close to many tourist destinations and heritage sites.
  • It has good potential to become one of the best real estate hubs.
  • Yadagirigutta is connected to the main city of Hyderabad and other adjacent communities by the Patagutta Road and the Keesara – Yadagirigutta Roads, located around 10 kilometers apart on the Hyderabad – Warangal – Bholpalpatnam Highway. 

Now that you have understood the importance of the locations mentioned above for your investment. Let us introduce you to BBG group, the leading real estate agency in Hyderabad. It offers plots in the locations such as Yadadri, Sadasivapet, and Shadnagar. Let’s start your journey of investment into plots with us. Please get in touch with us for more information.











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