BBG trying to fulfill the Mahatma’s dream of every Indian owning a piece of land

BBG trying to fulfill the Mahatma’s dream of every Indian owning a piece of land


Building Blocks Group is a renowned real estate firm in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh that helps people realize their aspirations of owning land by creating real estate opportunities. The company is well-known for its work across the Indian Subcontinent and is heralded by seasoned experts with a combined thirty years of experience. Transparency, the promise of delivery, growth, integrity, enormous scale development, and quality are among its key values in order to offer the land of prosperity to its clients.

BBG’s ideology is a little different and unique from other contemporary real estate companies. Their ideology is based mostly on “Your True Wealth.”

When questioned about their riches, the majority of people mention the money they have earned, the automobiles they own, the houses they have built, and the gold they have amassed. However, according to BBG’s concept, when a person looks back at his achievements, the actual wealth is the dreams of their children or family, whom they truly care about. Land isn’t sold as land at BBG; rather, it’s shown as a metaphor or as a tool to help you attain your true wealth. The company assists you in making investments in your aspirations.

“The primary purpose of BBG is to offer real wealth for every Indian. The land is one of the most stable, low-risk investment opportunities for all Indians. You can earn the highest returns compared to any other investment options by investing in the right land at the right time,” said Mallikarjun Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director of BBG India.


Inspired by Mahatma’s dream

When it comes to investment, the millennials would immediately think of the stock market. Even if some are interested in housing, it would be real estate. But when you speak with the BBG experts, they will explain how investing in land a far more astute decision.  The real asset theory of BBG is how wealth can be passed on to the next generation. They concentrate on how the wealth amassed is used to invest in the family or children, who can also profit from the investment. It may not give you immediate returns but with time, the land can be a real-time asset. As a result, at BBG, land is not a means of accumulating a fortune, but rather an investment in your goals.

BBG strongly reciprocates Mahatma Gandhi’s dream who believed that businesses should exist as part of a healthy community in order to serve that community and thus provides its customers with an ideal opportunity to make safe and secure long-term savings by owning a piece of land and thus creating true, long-term wealth for their families. A father can use his own piece of land to fund his daughter’s education. If needed, a piece of land can also be used as collateral for his daughter’s marriage. Also, whenever there’s any requirement for emergency funds – that can be for health, business or any investment that comes out of the blow – owning a piece of land can give the family financial confidence.

How BBG helps?

Apart from assisting consumers in achieving “True Wealth,” BBG is dedicated to enabling and empowering the “female child.” BBG is accrediting over 40,000 girls in over 100 primary schools across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, enshrining the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, who saw women as crucial agents of social change.

The company’s objective is to make land investment affordable to all families so that they can protect their families’ futures while simultaneously pursuing their aspirations with certainty. BBG’s plan is to purchase large swaths of property and divide them up into small parcels so that everyone can afford them. As a result, they provide excellent investment prospects for everyone.